Retro LED Electronic Candle Wind Light Horse Light Party Home Decoration Ambient Lights, Style: Double Layer

SKU: TBD0604242401

Color: White
Sale price$29.95

1. Material: plastic
2. Light color: yellow warm light
3. Power supply: 3 x AAA batteries (not included)
4. It is made of selected plastic material to ensure durability and reliability, low power consumption, smoke-free, odorless, environmentally friendly and durable
5. LED light source, soft and non-glare light, unique appearance design, to meet the dual requirements of lighting and decoration
6. Battery (not included) power supply, use, just turn on the switch to light up, safe and practical, without any dripping wax, smoke, flame and other safety hazards
7. Scope of application: widely used in corridors, bedrooms, living rooms, staircases, trails, theater props, wedding/birthday decorations, churches, cafes, hotels and other occasions
8. Weight: about 290 g
9. Size: about 10 x 25 cm
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.31kgs / 0.69lb
One Package Size 12cm * 12cm * 23cm / 4.72inch * 4.72inch * 9.06inch
Qty per Carton 12
Carton Weight 4.70kgs / 10.36lb
Carton Size 48cm * 38cm * 26cm / 18.9inch * 14.96inch * 10.24inch
Loading Container 20GP: 562 cartons * 12 pcs = 6744 pcs
40HQ: 1305 cartons * 12 pcs = 15660 pcs

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