Portable OBD Canbus Door Lock Car Safety Door Lock & Unlock OBD Module for Honda

SKU: CMS3033

Sale price$29
1. Car door lock device is one original function of vehicle, embedded type design, use the high efficiency and low consumptions high performance processor, CANBUS net work design sleep and wake up, easy install,send instructions via the vehicle CAN communication protocol, does not affect any functions of the vehicle, safe and reliable!
2. Connect with OBD detection socket of original car, plug and play design, no need any special guidance,noneed to connect with any wire harnesses, no need to open car, just 5 seconds installation,never affect anyoriginal functions of car.
3. The host machine adopt buckle cover type design, its water-proof,dust-proof and shock-proof.

1. Lock Automatically ,when driver start the vehicle and when the automatic transmission put to the D gear,the rear door automatically locked;Car door lock device automatically recognizes whether the four doors closed or no. If the door did not close completely,central door lock does not automatically lock. The rear passengers get off without the main switch to open the central locking and the back door can be opened. After the passegers getoff and close the door, the automatic transmission put to the D gear again,the central locking locked again, too.No have times limited.And any door can alone repeat lock when it opened, when driving in the way, it can control the whole central locking in order to prevent some people mistakenly pullthe central locking cause any dangerous (this is the more important dynamic child lock function)!
2. Unlock automatically: The central locking will be poped automatically when the automatic transmission get into P gear.

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