Original Xiaomi Youpin China Cast Iron Wok, Style: Traditional

SKU: KAP1528

Sale price$639
1. Applicable stove: general
2. Casting using Danish disa technology with a century-old history, preferably gray iron, refined and cast at a high temperature of 1450 degrees Celsius. A certain piece of equipment is damaged and its use is affected.
3. Reinforced design is used at the handle, which is more solid and durable and not easy to deform.
4. The surface of the wok is coated with natural vegetable oil, which is healthy and has no chemical coating, and it is anti-rust.
5. The inner wall of the pot is made of concave-convex technology, which can reduce the contact area between the food and the surface of the pot, resulting in a physical non-stick. At the same time, the cast iron pan can absorb grease, and the longer it is used, the less likely it is to stick to the pan.
6. The net weight of the pot body can reach about 3.7kg, which can effectively reduce shaking and improve stability during use.

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