Mini Gas Burner with Ceramic Flame Head Coffee Heater Maker Coffee Stove Siphon Pot

SKU: TBD03688403

Sale price$48
Protective Case:Flameout Protection
Air Inlet Mode:Air Circulation
1. Material: stainless steel and ABS
2. Size: 7.6x7.4cm
3. Full capacity: 30g
4. Gas: Butane
5. Accessories: 1 furnace, 1 windshield, 1 anti-slip rubber ring

1. This gas stove has the comparative advantages with other models: the left and right sides of the switch, while switching the gas, while pressing the fire, it is more convenient; the pore distribution is more dense and uniform, the firepower distribution is more reasonable, suitable for coffee size fire regulation.
2. Applicable: food cooking, heat preservation, tea brewing coffee
3. Moka pot (with hob), siphon pot brewing coffee is a good helper, instead of alcohol lamp, very easy and convenient. Especially when using a siphon pot to brew coffee, the alcohol lamp that comes with the siphon pot has a small firepower and cannot be adjusted in size, which is inconvenient.

1. Outdoor/indoor boiled water to replace traditional alcohol.
2. Lightweight and easy to carry, easy to use outdoors.
3. Automatic ignition operation is easy, with safety switch design.
4. The firepower is stable and easy to control, and the size can be adjusted.
5. Suitable for long-term use.
6. Use commercially available filled butane gas (lighter gas), easy to obtain fuel, environmentally friendly and pollution-free

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