DODOPET Multi-function Outdoor Portable Two Wheels Cat Dog Pet Carrier Bag Knapsack Draw Bar Box (Black)

SKU: HC8195B

Sale price$715
1. Weight: about 2.45 kg
2. Size: 45*24*38cm
3. Major Material: Aluminum alloy tie rod, high density 420D nylon fabric, thickened nylon breathable net, 100% polyester inner lining
4. The pull-rod box can be carried, ground pulled and shoulder-back. It is very convenient to take pets out without the hard work that we used to carry.
5. With reflective material, it is safe to follow in pulling.
6. In order to prevent pets from escaping during use, please dont forget to use the dog rope in the bag.
7. There are three sides of tear resistant nylon mesh to ensure full ventilation. The front mesh can be fully open, and it needs to be fixed with a button when it is fully open.
8. There are three small bags, one of which has a zipper that can be completely closed to facilitate the placement of valuable or leaky items.
9. The back cushion is equipped with two fixing belts, so that the bag can be easily placed on the car and secured by the seat belt.
10. The base plate and front foot are designed separately. The bottom plate and the bag body can be separated or assembled by magic stickers and square pipe beams. When the bag is not in use, the bag is folded and stored, thus saving space.
11. It can also be used as a suitcase.

Assembly method:
1. Pull the rubber plate with pins and tie rod together and paste the magic sticker.
2. There is a reflective band on the front of the bag, uncover the magic sticker at the reflective band, and insert the fibre rod into the reflective band to support the bag to remain unchanged.
3. Lay a movable floor

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