Car USB Seat Heater Cushion Warmer Cover Winter Heated Warm for Baby(Grey)


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1. Material: suede composite fiber, closer to baby skin. Light flame retardant and light waterproof.
2. Temperature: The chip temperature is 43 degrees Celsius, the surface temperature is 38 degrees Celsius, the product can not be overheated, and the baby will get angry due to overheating and water shortage.
3. Connector: USB in-line, not adjustable.
4. Intelligent automatic temperature control: When the power is on, the seat cushion is preheated, and the baby is heated after sitting up.
5. Rapid warming: The baby can be heated in 4-5 minutes while sitting.
6. Overheat protection: When the heating pad is heated to the specified temperature, it will stop heating. When it is cooled to a certain temperature, it will be heated again automatically. In this way, this function saves electricity and protects the seat cushion and protects the health for child.
7. Security risks: USB power is small, there is no electric fire.
8. Anti-freeze wire: minus 30 degrees Celsius, no hard freezing is not bad, long-term use.
9. Non-slip at the bottom: The bottom of the heating pad is designed with non-slip fabric, which is not easy to slip off.
10. Wire: Up to 2 meters, suitable for car, safety seat, home, outdoor and other places.

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