4 PCS/Box Chest Enlarging Paste Collagen Breast Enhancement Patch Women Bust Firming Lifting Pads

SKU: TBD03896105

Sale priceR 249

Size: 12*8*3cm

1. Moisturize the chest to make the breasts firm, full and soft.
2. It not only enlarges and lifts the breast, but also moisturizes and moisturizes your breasts.
3. It is safer and more practical to enlarge and lift the breast without breast enlargement surgery.
4. The patch uses natural plant extracts, does not contain synthetic additives, preservatives, colorants, and is safe to use.

1. First use the right palm to focus on the upper part of the left breast, that is, under the collarbone, push the milk roots evenly and gently downwards, and then push back up along the original route. After 20-50 times, change the other side;
2, with the left palm and the school face from the chest in the middle of the force, lateral push the right breast until the armpit, return to use the fingertips to bring the breast tissue back, repeated 20-50 times, then change the other side. Use a pleural plaster after massage, the effect is better. Demonstration use method (massage should be adhered to every day)

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