2 PCS Thermoforming Dental Mouthguard Teeth Whitening Trays Oral Care

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Ingredient:Food-grade Silicone
Name:Whitening Trays
1. Size: 6.5*6.2*1.3cm
Dental tray making method:
1. Soak the tray in warm water of about 70 degrees for 10-15 seconds to make the tray soft. Be careful not to use hot water that is too hot at 90 degrees. This will cause the tray to wrinkle into a mass when you see the tray. It can be fished out when the edges are wrinkled;
2. Put the soft tooth tray into the mouth, put on the gums, and forcefully suck the air between the tray and the gums. At the same time, press the joint surface of the tray and the gums with your hands and feet to make it close to the gums. Put together, the tooth tray that comes out of this is the shape that fits your teeth. Pay attention to the speed, but don't force it;
3. After pressing by hand, it is maintained for about half a minute. At this time, the tooth tray that has been fixed can be taken out;
4. Follow the gingival line (the line between the tooth and the gum) imprinted on the tooth tray that has been set, cut off the excess material with scissors, and cut off the handle. At this point, the tray is finished. Cut off. Above the gingival line, the gel can only be in contact with the teeth to avoid damaging the gums.
1. If the tray is not made at one time, repeat the second setting until it is satisfactory;
2. Before and after the tooth tray is used, please rinse with water;
3. The replacement time of the tray is 3-4 months, the same as the toothbrush;
The first time I take the tray, I will definitely feel uncomfortable. I will get used to it a few times.

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