0.15mm 9H Round Edge Rear Camera Lens Tempered Glass Film for Huawei Honor 9X


Sale price$15.99
1. Hard and durable surface under special manufacturing process.
2. Static technology eliminates the bubble effect and enhance firmly on the camera lens.
3. Easily remove without any adhesive.
4. High transparency with high clarity.
5. Scratching protect on the camera.

Compatible with
Honor:  Honor 9X
Package Weight
One Package Weight 0.01kgs / 0.03lb
One Package Size 3cm * 3cm * 0.5cm / 1.18inch * 1.18inch * 0.2inch
Qty per Carton 510
Carton Weight 6.50kgs / 14.33lb
Carton Size 70cm * 70cm * 20cm / 27.56inch * 27.56inch * 7.87inch
Loading Container 20GP: 272 cartons * 510 pcs = 138720 pcs
40HQ: 631 cartons * 510 pcs = 321810 pcs

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